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Centre 401 focuses on assisting those who are past or present mental health users. We support in recovery and assisting you on your journey by offering support services. Regular members enjoy access to free services and events. Feel free to inquire or come in to our centre for a visit.

Making an Appointment

If you want to meet with a member of staff to get help, talk over a quest or find out more about something at the centre you are interested in then make a request at reception to book a time with the right person for you.


– Your recovery Pit Stop

Psycoffogee is a time and place to meet for a coffee at a local cafe with other peers. It serves as a support influence pit stop to assist with maintaining momentum during recovery. Psycoffogee goes for an hour and is held at a local bar or cafe. A Rubik's cube will be visible on the psycoffogee table to easily identify it to newcomers.

Time: Monday – 10am – 11am
Place: (McCafe, Five Crossroads)

Time: Tuesday – 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Place: (The Londoner, Victoria St)

Time: Wednesday – 1.30pm -2.30pm
Place: (Hydro Cafe, Jellico Drive)

Time: Thursday – 10am -11am
Place: (Metropolis Cafe, Victoria St)

Time: Friday – 2pm -3pm
Place: (The Helm, Ulster Street)


The Urban Oasis

Is a term we use to describe our outdoor areas which include a herb garden, and amphitheatre, outdoor seating and many plans for future beautifications and landscaping. The herb and veggie garden provides food for members of centre 401 and for centre 401 events. Anyone can help out with the garden and landscaping. Garden wisdom is also a time for you to get involved in our urban oasis projects at the centre and for you to share your wisdom.
Time: Thursday – 11:30am -1pm
Place: Metropolis Café, Victoria St, Hamilton

The Urban Oasis

Asylum FM 107.6FM
– Coming Soon

Centre 401 is currently establishing a short radio station which will broadcast latest Centre 401 and mental news, mad pride music and much more. All this is presented by DJ’s at the Centre.

Planet 401 Magazine
– Recovery Magazine

Submit your articles at reception or .Every month Centre 401 publishes a recovery based magazine. Members of Centre 401 can submit articles on the monthly theme or recovery tips and interviews. If you need help with your article got to the Wordsmith workshop.


If you have something you want help with, then let us know. You can meet up with someone on a regular basis to figure out how to achieve your plans and work on your multiple Quests or focus on one thing.


Job Quest

We have workers dedicated to helping you to find, get and keep a job.

Find out what career you are aiming for
Research what the industry is wanting from workers
CV writing
Interview practice
Job Applications
Looking for work
Cover Letters
Reading your Employment agreement
Changing your routine to suit your work hours
Support to keep your job
Help to change jobs
Asking for leave

Health Quest

We have workers who can help you to get your Mental, Emotional and Physical Health on track. Mental, Emotional and Physical Health Targets.

Support at doctor appointments
Help to do your W.O.O.F
Finding a counsellor
Looking at diet and exercise
Self Help tips for Mental Health
Help to join a support group
Information on recovery
Access to the John Kirwan depression website

Any Ideas?

If you have a new idea for a new venture of workshop, put it forward at Generation and a staff member will then help you through the Peer Initiative process in which you put a proposal together to present to the manager.