Mad Pride Events

Every year Centre 401 celebrates mad culture and recovery through a Mad Pride Concert. Mad Pride brings passion, hope and comical relief to all involved, using original music and comedy to celebrate Mad Culture. Putting the cool back into Madness, Mad Pride will show you a different side to recovery. Everyone can be involved in the planning of this event through community EQUIP workshops. Performers write and produce songs and skits through the “Tune Up” weekend and the Cuckoo comedy workshop and Mad Jam.

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Tune Up

Tune up is a weekend of song writing and comedy work-shops. .
The purpose of Tune Up is to assist in the creation of music and comedy to be performed at the annual Mad Pride event. Tune Up is an environment in which participants can gain skills and confidence and be comfortable to express themselves through performing arts.

Our Quests

Planet 401 MagazineSubmit your articles at reception or Every month Centre 401 publishes a recovery based magazine. Members of Centre 401 can submit articles on the monthly theme or recovery tips and interviews. If you need help with your article go to the Wordsmith workshop.

Asylum FM 107.6FMCentre 401 is currently establishing a short range radio station which will broadcast latest Centre 401 and mental news, mad pride music and much more.